Do you, your friends, family or partner desire empowerment around your biggest liability in life??

After successful completion of the our flagship course, the PitStop WorkShop you will have confidence for not only having a properly maintained car, and knowledge of what to do in some roadside emergencies, though we will give you a list of things to keep with incase of emergencies!

Gregg "3G" Sheldon is a social worker turned automotive technician to follow his dream to become an autoshop teacher, in September of 2017 he opened the doors to AutoShop Vocational, an economical alternative to traditional vocational training.

While Gregg did not teach in 2020 he became present to a gap in automotive life skills. With the help of this friends they developed Our flagship course the PitStop WorkShop.

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How To Buy a Used Car,

Where to look

Red Flags

Inspect for previous damage

Don't get burned

Registration and Insurance

Tips and Trick on Insurance and Registration